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Steamed Rice Processing:

        Raw paddy is first stored in 4 Ton capacity tank. It is steamed till the moisture content is 19% to 20%. Then it is dried in the drier. The rice is milled from this paddy called Steamed Rice and it’s much in demand in the market today.


       The Raw paddy is soaked in cold water in a 4 Ton capacity tank for 6 hours. Then the water is drained off and the paddy is steamed in a 3- quintal tank below for 2 to 3 minutes and dried. Thus the paddy for Half- Boiled rice is produced.

Boiled Rice: 

       Raw Paddy is soaked in 60◦ C hot water for 6 hours and the water is drained off. This paddy is again steamed for 8 to 10 minutes and dried in the drier. Thus Paddy for Boiled rice is prepared.


Sella Processed Rice:

      The raw paddy in the storage bin is put in 3 quintal capacity tank and steamed for 2 to 3 minutes. It is then soaked in cold water for 8 hours. The water is then drained off and the paddy is steamed for 2 to 3 minutes in a 3 quintal tank below. This is called Sela process. Instead of the old, outdated 8 ton design. S.K.F Vardan had been designed with a new, unique, and multipurpose, Multi – Speciality 6 tank design. For Example, in a 24 ton capacity plant, 6 trap doors are fitted for unloading. And there are 6 tanks of 3 quintal capacity below the trapdoors. And 6 tank of 4 quintal capacity under these tanks And again 6 tanks of 3 quintal capacity under them. This unique design enables the miller to process and produce any and every type of rice – Steamed, Boiled, Half – boiled, Sela processed et al. isn’t it high time you install. S.K.F Vardan Classic (Major) in your mill and became market savvy?

  • The Design for the exclusive Sela Processing Plant is outdated.
  • S.K.F.Vardan is a multi – specialty (Steamed, Boiled, Half-Boiled, Sela Processed Rice varieties) Paddy Processing Plant.
  • Vardan will enable the miller to produce any type of rice, as per the market demands, at the most economical rate.
  • Steamed rice is in great demand in the market today because of fast food, which is in vogue today globally, are made mostly by the steamed rice.
  • S.K.F Vardan plant is built wholly of stainless steel, produces the most hygienic, world class rice.
  • What’s more, as Vardan is engineered from non – corrosive and non – erosive stainless steel, they are running for more than 10 years almost with least maintenance.
  • The Least Wastage; As Vardan is fitted with hot - air heat exchanger, with variable. Temperature Control Panel, it can boil and dry all types of raw paddy, with diverse moisture content from the highest to the lowest.
  • Only S.K.F., with more than a decade of expertise and knowledge in designing, manufacturing, marketing and installing more than 3000 plants all over India and abroad, can provide you with tomorrow’s advanced technology today itself! 

         It has been found by the extensive and in – depth research done by S.K.F .that the majority of the plants in the north , especially in Delhi and the adjoining areas, are designed for processing and producing Sela processed rice. This process and the plants designed for that purpose are very old, one might say ancient, and out – dated, considering that these plants can produce only Basmati or Sarbati rice.

        This process, very old, archaic and ancient, one may add, and certainly obsolescent, if not obsolete, does not help in meeting the fast changing market demands . With this process, one cannot produce Steamed, Half Boiled and Boiled rice – much in demand in the market today.

        In the Sela Process, the cleaned raw paddy is stored in the bin and it is steamed a little in a 3 – quintal capacity tank. It is soaked for 8 hours in an 8 – ton (80 quintal) capacity tank in cold water, It is boiled in 3 – quintal tank below and sent to the drier to be dried . The drier is the same for all kinds for rice. Depending on the moisture content in the paddy, the paddy is dried in uniform heat using the Auto control panel.

        The trend today is for fast foods. To prepare fast food, steamed rice is needed. For breakfast foods, like Dosa, Idli et al half – Boiled rice is needed. The majority of working class people usually have boiled rice as their staple diet in UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa & other few states in south India. Only the elite and the Middle – class during the festive occasions, use Basmati rice.

       S.K.F Vardan Classic (Major) boiler- cum-drier plant has the unique design that enables one process and produces all 4 types of rice: Steamed, Boiled, Half Boiled and Sela Processed rice.



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