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      Coffee & Pulses cultivation and processing and, consequently the industry, today are in a crisis. The problem begins at the beginning of harvesting of the Coffee Beans & Pulses itself. If the harvested Coffee Beans & Pulses, which contain high moisture content of about 22%, are not dried at the right time and uniformly, they lose their texture, temper et al and the produce becomes powdery and unsuitable for human consumption, leave alone, the very thought of exporting it to make big profit.

      It is high time the Indian farmers, industrialists and merchants were educated about the modern processing technology, the plants and machinery, especially against the background of LPG. The timely, uniform and efficient drying at a minimal investment, operating and production costs would help the farmers, the planters, industrialists and merchants to multiply their profits phenomenally by capturing the highly competitive export markets globally!

      Coffee Beans are harvested, dried, willy nillly, traditionally and because of the scarcity of laborers and the high wages for the existing and fast vanishing laborers and the harvesting, drying, processing costs, profits have plunged to abysmally low levels.

      It is sad to observe that the scenario is no different in the pulses market. All, the pulses’ farmers, industrialists and the merchants are a worried lot. Nobody can live without pulses. It is an essential part of ever man’s and woman’s diet, and in India, pulses are the main source of protein to the vegetarians. Used in every kitchen globally, pulses must have the right texture, temper and taste. Any minor deficiencies in any one of these qualities will render the pulses unfit for cooking and human consumption.

     But, are the pulses’ farmers, industrialists and merchants aware of these vital facts? The answer is an emphatic no. Pulses have to be processed in time and uniformly for maintaining their quality.

     For all the above mentioned problems, today, thanks to S.K.F. Group Pvt Ltd, Moodbidri, D.K., Karnataka, there is a simple, cost effective solution. And that solution is S.K.F... Multi Utility Drier!


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