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     In 1993 Mr. G. Ramakrishna Achar founded Sri. Kalikamba Fabricators (S.K.F.) in a hired shed. Beginning with the manufacture of small food grains processing machinery, like cookers, the company grew from strength to strength. During 1990-2000 S.K.F. built large boiler-cum-driers, especially for the production of boiled rice, with 100 Ton/8 hours capacity. However, taking into account the changing trends in the harvesting of paddy, the preparation of food and the eating habits of people, especially the youth. Mr.Achar successfully designed, manufactured and marketed Vardan, the state-of-the-art paddy boiler-cum-drier with unprecedental efficiency. Vardan is noted for its high output, with remarkably low consumption of power and fuel, each plant enabling a rice miller to save Rs.60 lakhs/annum because of the investment cost coupled with reduction in the broken rice and savings in power and fuel.
     To elaborate compared to the traditional old plant, which required an investment of Rs.50lakhs. Vardan needs only Rs.25lakhs of investment. Whereas the old plant required 70 H.P of power, Vardan needs only 25 H.P. i.e. each plant saves power worth Rs.4,500 per day. Whereas the old plant needed 350 k.g. fuel (of paddy husk) Vardan needs only 150k.g. of fuel thus saving Rs.4,000 of fuel per day. Whereas in the production of old type of plant he broken content was 12%, in Vardan the broken content is only 6%, enabling a miller to take a saving of Rs.8,000 per day. Thus, each mill makes a saving of Rs.16, 500 per day, for the miller, in power, fuel and broken content of rice.
     Moreover, the old plant was made of M.S. But Vardan is made wholly of stainless steel and hence the rice produced is the most hygienic and of international quality.
     Today, in India the eating habits of people, especially the youth, have changed. Their preference for fast food has made the demand for steamed rice the predominant one in the rice market. Vardan is especially designed for the production of steamed rice. Considering already 100 Vardan plants are functioning all over India, they together help save the nation about Rs.100 crore annually in power and fuel, along with the reduction in wastage in the form of broken rice.
     The other product designed, manufactured and marketed by Mr. Achar that merits recognition is the Dhanyalaxmi, the drier, made wholly of stainless steel. With Hot Air Heat Exchanger, incorporated in it for the first time in Asia and Auto Control for temperature. Dhanyalaxmi is ideal for farmers and millers for drying and storing of harvested paddy.
     Harvested paddy has a high content of moisture of 19% whereas the moisture content required for strong and milling is 12.5%. The traditional yard-drying of paddy is labour intensive and drying is not uniform. As a result such paddy contains undesirably high content of broken and discolouration of the paddy makes it unhygienic and unsuitable for export. Dhanyalaxmi is the answer to all these problems. It needs a low investment of Rs.8 lakh and needs only 9 H.P of power thus making it ideal for both farmer and millers.
     Food grains processing industry has been declared a sunrise Industry by the Government of India. However, there is an acute shortage of qualified technicians in the Rice Mill Industry. Perceiving this need Mr.Achar has started, for the first time in India, a comprehensive trade in Rice Mill Technology at S.K.F.I.T.I. sponsored by S.K.F. Education Foundation (Reg.) the sister concern of S.K.F. group of companies. S.K.F. Boilers and Driers Pvt. Ltd. Has a plan to manufacture a 1000 Vardan plants and install them all over India, in the next three years. The company provides employment to some 350 people, especially from rural areas. Beside, Mr.Achar is known for his generosity and Philanthropy.

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