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AROMA CLASSIC (Semi Automatic)


  • Sweet News to the Coffee Planters ! For the first time in world, SKF Brand Aroma Coffee Drier is now available in the market.

  • Ultra modern design, state – of the – art technology. Stainless Steel Make, incorporating Auto – control for hygienic product.

  • Hot Air Technology wherein natural air itself is used as the heat conductor. Hence, hygienic product is made possible.

  • Compared to conventional 8 days yard drying, drying is done in just 12 hours. Hence, production of coffee with far superior taste and aroma!

  • As the force is applied by natural hot air there is 2% to 3% increase in production.

  • Only 5 HP of power and about 200 kg of firewood as fuel needed. This works out to be far less than the labour charges.

  • An Ideal solution to the problems of labour shortage and climatic fluctuations.

  • 1 ton & 2 ton capacity driers to make 2 batches of production per day.

  • Classic (Semi Automatic) & Superb Classic (Fully Automatic) Models available.

  • The Drier come in capacities – Superb Classic Model – 1 Ton & Classic Model ranging from ½ Ton, 1 Ton, 2 ton and 2 batches of production can be done in a single day

Technical Specifications

   Model & Capacity
500 KG / Batch
1000 KG / Batch
2000 KG / Batch
   Space Required
9.0 M (L) x
4.0 M (W)
12.0M (L) x
4.0 M (W)
12.0 M (L) x
7.0 M (W)
3.5 HP
4.5 HP
7.5 HP
   Fuel Consumption (Fire Wood)
20.00 Kg / Hour
30.00 Kg / Hour
40.00 Kg / Hour


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