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> SKF Will Launch ,First Time In India ,Farmer Friendly Drier ''Dhan-Kissan"

 > SKF Launched Multi Utility Drier Called "SarvaDhanya''

 > SKF Will Launch "PROTO" for Small Capacity Millers .

 > Skf Brand Aroma Coffee Drier is now available in the market

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Rules and Regulations
  • Good behavior and discipline are expected from each trainee, Trainees are bound to respect and obey the authorities and training officers of the center.
  • Uniform: trainees should wear clean and neat uniform every day during class hour.
  • Cleanliness: trainees shall keep their classroom and workshop clean and in order. Tools and equipment are to be cleaned and kept in their proper places.
  • Irregulations in attendance, habitual inattention, insubordination, discourtesy towards staff members, disorderly behaiour, obscenity in word/act, willful damage to the centre's property like tools, furniture, equipment etc., are punishable by any one of the following depending on the gravity of the offence .
  • (a) warning with intimation to parents/guardians. (b) fine (c) expulsion.
  • The trainees are required to come to the classes meeting/campus neatly dressed.
  • Every trainee has to possess an identity card which should be produced whenever demanded by any member of the staff of the center.
  • It is required that the trainees be punctual and regular to the classes.
  • Trainees found consuming alcohol or tobacco in any form in the centers premises are liable to be punished which may include even expulsion from the center.
  • No trainee should leave the class room or workshop without the permission of the JTO concerned.
  • All equipments and tools given to trainees for the practical work should be returned with care. Damages and breakages will be fined.
  • Each trainee is expected to be regular with practical work observation and record book work. Trainees who are irregular in these will not be allowed to appear for annual exams.
  • The parents and guardians are earnestly requested to keep in touch with the principal from time to time regarding the progress and the conduct of their son/daughter at least once in each term.
  • No religious festival/function is allowed to be celebrated within the centre's premises.

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